Why does a penis fall during sex ?

Every man wants to be able to boast a full potency, and a stable strong erection at any age. But, very few people succeed. Recently, experts have increasingly begun to diagnose various sexual disorders in men of both young and mature age. Men's questions are not uncommon: why does a member fall during sex? This type of sexual disorder is based on two main causes: psychological and physiological. And only a doctor can determine the true root cause of the pathology. Only then can you engage in full-fledged treatment.

Psychological reasons for losing an erection during sex

At the first alarm bells, you should immediately contact a doctor. After all, the timely treatment allows you to quickly and effectively get rid of sexual disorders. So, why does the penis fall during sex? This is often the result of some psychological disorders. Thus, the psychological causes of this phenomenon are found in young people up to the age of thirty. Already in more Mature age, most often, a bad erection is observed due to physiological changes in the body.

The main psychological reasons for losing an erection during sex include the following:

  • The syndrome of the troublesome expectation of sexual failures (of STOCK);
  • Depression;
  • Frequent stressful situations;
  • Masturbation;
  • Dissatisfaction with the sexual partner;
  • First meeting syndrome;
  • Unsuccessful first sexual experience;
  • The uncomfortable situation during sex;
  • Frequent sexual acts, or a long period of abstinence from sex;
  • Overwork, fatigue.

Very often, the penis quickly falls before or during sex because of the man's uncertainty in his abilities and capabilities. This type of disorder is called the syndrome of anxious expectation of sexual failure. A young man before the start of a full-fledged sexual act is mentally preparing for the subsequent failure. It is worth noting that during foreplay, before full-fledged sex, an erection can be good. But, as soon as a man enters the penis and makes the first movement of the friction member decreases rapidly.

STOSN provokes fear of not satisfying a sexual partner, fear of unwanted pregnancy of a woman, and infection with various sexually transmitted diseases. After several such failures, when a member quickly falls, a man forms a strong belief that full-fledged sexual intercourse is simply impossible. This is how psychological erectile dysfunction develops. A young person falls into a vicious circle-he is afraid to fail, and in the end, this is what he gets. So, the belief in their inferiority only gets stronger. Further, the erection will not only disappear during sex but will not occur at all.

Often, the reason that the penis falls during sex is the syndrome of the first meeting. To serve the emergence of erectile dysfunction can the wrong behavior of the partner, excitement before sex. A man may experience failure at the first sexual contact with a new woman. As a rule, all subsequent attempts to have sex with the same woman end successfully. But, against the background of the first unsuccessful sex, a young person may lose desire, decrease libido.

Frequent stress, depression, and fatigue at work also do not contribute to normal potency. But, these phenomena can be corrected, and not brought to the state of development of erectile dysfunction. Just change the situation, go on vacation, take a break from work and routine. After the normal functioning of the Central nervous system is restored, sexual activity is also restored.

Physiological cause

A member may fall during sex for some physiological reasons. As a rule, physiological causes are diagnosed in men older than 30-35 years. During this period, some physiological and age-related changes in the male body begin to develop. The state of erection and potency, in General, is negatively affected by a neoplasm in the pituitary gland. The tumor provokes increased production of the hormone prolactin. A high level of this hormone may be the cause of the phenomenon of why the penis falls before or during sex.

The main role in the state of potency in men is played by the endocrine system. Any hormonal failures will necessarily affect the erection, the hardness of the penis. The decrease in testosterone levels is manifested in the form of loss of erection during sex. A sluggish erection is observed in the presence of the following diseases and problems:

  • Atherosclerosis;
  • Diabetes;
  • Obesity;
  • Cardiovascular diseases;
  • Prostatitis;
  • Sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Congenital pathologies of the pelvic organs;
  • Injuries to the back and spinal cord.

Very often the penis falls during sexual intercourse due to cardiovascular diseases. The fact is that when arousal is stimulated, there is increased blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis. If there is a blockage of blood vessels, blood is poorly supplied to the pelvic organs. This causes insufficient erection. But problems with the veins provoke premature outflow. The venous mechanism for blood retention in the penis before ejaculation does not function, which explains the fall of the penis directly during sex. In such a vein pathology, ejaculation is also considered impossible.

Some medications also have a negative effect on the state of potency in men. First of all, it is worth noting hormonal medications that block the synthesis of testosterone. Also, negative effects are caused by means that inhibit the functions of the cerebral cortex. In order to maintain a normal erection, doctors prescribe such drugs in a course of no more than 10 days. If you continue taking medications for a longer period of time, the risk of erectile dysfunction increases.

How to solve the problem?

As soon as a man noticed that the penis began to fall during sex, loss of firmness, you need to immediately seek help from a doctor urologist, sexologist or andrologist. But to panic and fall into depression, panic is not necessary. With timely access to a specialist, any problem of a sexual nature is guaranteed to leave the young person.

In many cases, this problem is due to psychological disorders, just relax. Relaxation, a new environment, a full eight-hour sleep, and rest will restore the functions of the Central nervous system. As soon as the nervous system begins to work normally, libido will increase, and sexual desire will increase in young people. And the problem of falling off the penis during sex will pass by itself. Medical and psychological assistance from a qualified specialist is required when a member falls during sex regularly.

First, the young person should identify the problem factor. It is worth checking whether the fall of the penis occurs only during sexual intercourse with a woman or during Masturbation. If during Masturbation, the full hardness of the penis is maintained, and manipulations end in ejaculation, the problem is purely psychological. In this case, you should follow these recommendations:

Talk about the problem with your partner. Women tend to be less sensitive to such problems. This will help to add a man's self-confidence. Give pleasure to the sexual partner in other ways, without using a member. Many men think stereotypically-sexual intercourse must necessarily imply the introduction of the penis, friction. But, women get full enjoyment without such manipulations.

After preliminary caresses, a man should simply touch the sexual organ to the woman's vagina.

These manipulations will help to develop confidence in a man. Over time, a full erection will return to him again. Important in this case are the actions of the partner. It is the woman who should influence the man, eliminate anxiety. Also, you should think about relationships. Can a member of the falls due to the complete disgust for the girl on a subconscious level. This happens because of the presence of small children, dissatisfaction with housing conditions, financial situation, in the period after birth. The couple begins to move away from each other, stop talking.

In such situations, it is better to use the help of a psychologist. With this, both spouses need to visit the doctor together. Only in this way, after listening to both sides of the conflict, the doctor will be able to give good advice. Sometimes alcohol helps save the situation. But only in limited, moderate doses. Just 100 grams of cognac and red wine will help you relax and get rid of stress. But if you exaggerate the margin, the effect is completely the opposite. If the cause of the disorder is a physiological factor, a variety of medications and procedures are prescribed to eliminate the pathogenic factor.


Lifestyle plays an important role in the sexual life of men. It will also help to give self-confidence. Having developed self-confidence, the penis will no longer fall during sex. Moreover, the potency will be fully adjusted, sexual desire and opportunities will increase. Experts advise paying due attention to physical activity. This is especially true for those men who lead a sedentary lifestyle, and the same professional activity. If you sit for a long time, there is a stagnation of blood and secretions in the pelvic area. This causes inflammation of the prostate, which directly affects sexual life.

Regular exercise will not only get rid of excess weight but also increase the production of testosterone, which has a positive effect on erection. Young people should choose outdoor sports: running, swimming, football, and basketball. To strengthen and develop the pelvic floor muscles, it is better to use a set of Kegel exercises. They are quite simple in execution and do not take much time.

It will be useful to establish a diet. In the daily menu of each man should be present such elements: potassium, zinc, calcium, selenium, iron, vitamins A, E. So, the diet should include the following products:

  • Fresh vegetables, fruits;
  • Citrus;
  • Green onion;
  • Garlic;
  • Greens;
  • Dietary types of meat;
  • Egg whites;
  • Seafood;
  • Liver;
  • Nuts;
  • Honey;
  • Oatmeal and buckwheat.

You also need to exclude fatty fried food, a large amount of salt, sugar, and smoked meats. A prerequisite is to give up bad habits. Abuse of alcohol and cigarettes has an extremely negative effect on erections. So, Smoking leads to exhaustion and narrowing of blood vessels. The venous system suffers. This is what causes the penis to fall during sex. In General, developing self-confidence, understanding from the sexual partner, and the help of a sex therapist will help you get rid of the problem quickly.

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