Why does the libido disappear in men?

Satisfaction in the intimate sphere of life plays an important role for young people. A full-fledged sexual life is an indicator of the health of the entire body as a whole. A decrease in libido can occur not only in adulthood. Increasingly, even young men suffer from such disorders. This may be due to various factors and reasons.

So, speaking about the loss of libido in men, first of all, it is worth noting psychological disorders. After all, the concept of libido arises purely on the psychological level. Daily overwork at work, the desire for rapid growth on the career ladder adversely affects the state of health. A man's work and rest regime are completely violated. The body and brain are in constant tension. This affects both libido and potency. Therefore, it is very important to observe rest in the form of a full eight-hour sleep.

Very often, such factors lead to a decrease in libido in men:

  • Daily stress;
  • Conflicts in the family;
  • Diffidence;
  • Dissatisfaction with a sexual partner;
  • Depression;
  • Unsuccessful first sexual experience;
  • Problem at work;
  • Insomnias;
  • Chronic fatigue.

All this affects the state of libido in men is extremely harmful. Therefore, it is very important to eliminate these factors. To increase libido in men, you need to establish relationships in the family. Constant scandals with the wife, the girl lead to an overstrain of that part of the brain that is responsible for sexual desire. The brain perceives this tension as already received intimate satisfaction. As a result, the libido may disappear altogether.

Often, a hormonal failure leads to a decrease in libido in men. With low production of the male hormone testosterone, low attraction and problems with potency are also manifested. Also, excessive promiscuous sexual relationships have a detrimental effect on the state of libido. With high sexual activity, libido suffers. Also, prolonged abstinence from intimacy may not have the best effect. Therefore, everything is useful only in moderation.

Some physiological diseases can affect the decrease in male libido:

  • Endocrine disorders;
  • Disorders of the thyroid gland;
  • Diabetes;
  • parkinson;
  • Alzheimer;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Genital injuries;
  • Congenital malformation of the genitals;
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.

How to increase male libido without taking medication?

Very often, especially at the initial stage of development of the problem, you can increase libido without taking serious drugs. First, it is important to completely change a man's diet. Today, in most cases, humanity makes do with light snacks in between work. Unbalanced, not regular nutrition adversely affects not only the libido but also the health of the entire body of a young person.

A man needs to get such components together with food: vitamins B, A, E, iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, selenium, and calcium. Zinc and selenium deserve special attention. These trace elements contribute to the active production of the male hormone testosterone. Magnesium and potassium have a positive effect on the quality of blood, the condition of blood vessels. So, the body of a man gets rid of excess cholesterol. Accumulated in the body, these components lead to increased libido.

All these elements are found in many vegetables and fruits. Therefore, a young person needs to use these products every day. It is also important to include aphrodisiac products on your menu. This is not necessarily some exotic fruit. Natural aphrodisiacs are considered quite familiar to us products:

  • Garlic;
  • Punch;
  • Nuts;
  • Honey;
  • Green onion;
  • Tomatoes;
  • Strawberry;
  • Bananas.

Seafood has a huge amount of zinc and selenium. Dairy products play an important role in increasing libido in men. To increase libido, it is necessary to abandon the use of fresh white bread. It should be replaced with a rye, with bran. The use of various cereals has a positive effect on libido. Oatmeal and buckwheat provide special benefits for men's health.

Also, there is a large list of products that you just need to give up. When increasing libido, it is strictly forbidden to use sausages, fatty meat, fried food, baking, chocolate, carbonated sweet drinks. Special attention should be paid to such bad habits as alcohol abuse, Smoking. Alcohol has a direct effect on the functioning of brain regions. Already in a fairly short period, the excitement, sexual desire simply disappears.

Experts strongly recommend that you exclude beer from your menu. This intoxicating drink is a source of female hormones-phytoestrogens. So, in the male body, an imbalance of hormones develops. Testosterone levels drop significantly, while estrogens begin to predominate. It is not necessary to talk about full libido and potency. Smoking also harms blood vessels. They begin to narrow, hypertension develops. The brain begins to receive much less oxygen as blood circulation deteriorates.

To increase male libido, it is important to lead an active lifestyle. Daily moderate loads, physical exercises help to relax the body and brain. If a young person leads a sedentary lifestyle, not only libido is violated, but also potency. Therefore, experts recommend following such loads:

  • Evening walks in the fresh air;
  • Running;
  • Not long bike rides;
  • Football;
  • Swimming;
  • Basketball;
  • Yoga;
  • Morning exercise;
  • Gymnastics for men.

Folk remedies for increasing male libido

Some popular recipes for increasing libido in the stronger sex are very popular. Combining folk remedies with a healthy lifestyle can quickly restore sexual desire in men. For the treatment of such disorders, medicinal herbs are used. Men have long used ginseng root to preserve their strength.

This plant has amazing properties. The rich composition is very useful for men. First, the tincture of ginseng root adjusts the work of the Central nervous system. Second, it restores the functioning of the genitourinary system. Often, ginseng root is used during the treatment of prostatitis. And many drugs for enhancing potency and erection include this extract. So, it is enough to use a tincture of 20-25 drops twice a day. The course lasts 2-3 weeks.

In addition to increasing libido there are also such positive phenomena:

    The elimination of insomnia; Increasing resistance to stress; Elimination of depression; Elimination of inflammatory processes in the pelvic area; prevention of infectious diseases of the genitourinary system.

The real male herb is thyme. The plant is a true source of zinc. Today, you can buy dried thyme grass in any pharmacy. It is advised to brew this plant in the form of a familiar tea. You can drink the drink up to 5 times a day. So, the production of testosterone will improve, which will increase the libido in men. However, the course of treatment can be up to six months. Still, a positive result is guaranteed.

To increase libido, it is useful to combine multiple medicinal herbs. This will help to enrich the body with a variety of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Representatives of folk medicine advise mixing thyme grass with hawthorn. This tool will help restore the nervous system, which is extremely important when increasing libido. After all, first of all, it is important to normalize the psychoemotional background of a young person.

Also, such herbs are highly effective for men:

  • Schizandra;
  • Nettle;
  • Calamus marsh;
  • Ivan-tea;
  • Dill;
  • Winter cress;
  • Hypericum;
  • Aloe.

Medications to increase libido

Some men, when this problem is detected, immediately start taking multiple medications to improve potency. It's not worth it. After all, the mechanism of libido and potency are completely different from each other. Accordingly, the treatment consists in the use of different drugs. As a rule, one of the main reasons for weakening libido is a decrease in testosterone levels. Therefore, the treatment consists of hormone therapy.

Men are prescribed steroid medications. Hormone therapy lasts a course of 1-2 months. Such funds in the form of tablets, solutions for injections, patches. Practice shows that this therapy helps to increase libido in both Mature men and young men aged 18-25 years. But, it is worth noting that hormonal agents have a number of contraindications. Therefore, their reception is strictly prescribed only by the doctor.

Safer for the General health of men are herbal drugs to increase sexual desire. These products contain only herbal extracts, essential oils, vitamins and trace elements. The following are very popular among them:

  • red viagra;
  • cialis black;
  • levitra;
  • viagra gold;
  • manforce;
  • Viardo Forte.

The same tools as Cialis and Viagra are unlikely to bring a positive result. Of course, the erection will be good and full, but the psychological state of the young man will not improve. Sometimes, sexopathologists and urologists advise representatives of the stronger sex to take sedatives. Often, sedatives are enough to restore normal natural libido in men.

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